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The Department of Biology at Alfred University seeks to provide a diverse education in the liberal arts and a strong biological foundation for a variety of career interests. Our major prepares students for post-graduate study in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and other health-related professions, numerous biological disciplines from biotechnology to ecology, as well as for a number of employment opportunities, including teaching and biological research. Course objectives are met through lectures, discussions, laboratory and field work, seminars, and research.

We encourage our students to become involved in undergraduate research projects and to seek summer and semester internship and study abroad experiences. The biology classes at Alfred University are small and taught by full-time and adjunct faculty. This provides students personal attention from professors whose primary responsibility is to teach and facilitate learning.

We, like our students, much prefer doing science rather than just talking about it. While we still devote much class time to lecture, we enthusiastically promote inquiry-based instruction and learning-by-doing. Nearly all of our courses have strong lab/field complements. From the first semester of the introductory sequence through independent studies, most of our courses feature class and individual projects. Most of these projects are designed by students and are open ended; they often lead to independent studies.